Cat Grooming

Our Professional Cat Grooming Service

At Sydney Animal Hospitals, we want to ensure that having a cat as a member of your family is a fun and stress free experience, as we know how much happiness our pets bring to our lives. By providing a high quality professional cat grooming service, we are helping to provide the highest standards of care for your cat, as well as ensuring that we catch any underlying medical conditions early on before they can become a serious problem.

Why should I book a professional grooming service?

Sydney Animal Hospitals is well equipped to make your cat as comfortable as possible throughout the grooming process, which can be a highly traumatising experience for cats as they are relatively solitary animals and often become distressed.

We have the facilities to lightly sedate your cat

Unlike other commercial pet groomers, we have the medical facilities that enable us to lightly sedate your cat throughout the grooming process. This makes the grooming process a lot safer and far less traumatic for your cat. With the cat lightly sedated, the risk of injury is greatly reduced and allows for a full body comprehensive check-up.

Our Groomers are trained professionals

At Sydney Animal Hospitals our professional cat groomers are not only trained to provide the highest quality grooming service, but also trained to spot signs of any skin conditions or irritations your cat may be experiencing.

A typical cat grooming session involves a full body and skin check, as well as a close look at your cat’s eyes, ears and mouth. Our professional cat groomers are trained to look for any signs of skin conditions or infections that may be overlooked during a home grooming session.

Professional grooming reduces the risk on injury

Cat grooming at home can often be an unintentionally dangerous activity, as cats have very loose skin, especially around the abdomen, and we frequently receive patients who have been cut or injured during a home grooming session. Brushing and washing your cat is perfectly safe; however, if there is any matted fur that needs to be cut out or removed, it is far safer to allow a professional to do it for you.

We can ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible

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