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The Rapid Recovery Pack

The Rapid Recovery Pack is a surgical care package designed by Sydney Animal Hospitals to ensure that your pet remains as safe possible during any surgical procedure, and has a rapid and comfortable recovery.

The Rapid Recovery Pack is the highest standard of care we can offer your pets and is recommended for all procedures involving a general anaesthetic.

What is the Rapid Recovery Pack?

The Rapid Recovery Pack incorporates 3 different elements to ensure that your pet is as safe as possible during a surgical procedure:

  • Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test
  • Intravenous fluid support during the procedure
  • Post operative medication to maintain comfort and safety

The pricing of the Rapid Recovery Pack.

Our pet care philosophy is to offer the highest standards of care to our patients and ensure that we are providing the best health care options possible. We offer the Rapid Recovery Pack because it is the best way to ensure the safety of our patients and the success of any procedure we undertake.

The Rapid Recovery Pack is the best possible care we can provide for your pet, and we strongly recommend it for any surgical procedure.

The Rapid Recovery Pack = $143.50
  1. Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test
  2. Intravenous fluid support during the procedure
  3. Post operative medication to maintain comfort and safety

What is the benefit of a pre-anaesthetic blood test?

Part of our pet care philosophy is to provide the highest standards of health care for your pet, and that means doing everything we can to minimise the risk to your pet when undertaking any procedure in one of our clinics.

We use the pre anaesthetic blood test as an internal health check for your pet to allow us to look for any underlying conditions or diseases that may affect the surgical procedure.

If we detect an underlying condition, we will change the way that we administer the anaesthetics and supporting medication during and after the procedure.

What is the benefit of intravenous fluid support?

Intravenous fluids are specially designed solutions that are administered to your pet via a catheter in their leg during a surgical procedure.

IV fluid support provides a number of immediate safety benefits to your pet:

  • Replenishing the fluids lost by your pet during the surgical procedure
  • Flush out any toxin build up in the kidneys and liver
  • Allow quick access to administer any emergency medication
  • A faster and more comfortable recovery after the procedure
  • Minimises the risk to your pet during and after the procedure
  • Helps to maintain your pets blood pressure during the anesthetic

Why does my pet need intravenous fluids?

While your pet is undergoing a surgical procedure they cannot eat or drink as they usually would, however their body continues to functions as normal. This means that while your pet is under general anaesthetic they are losing vital fluids that are not being replenished as they usually would, and as a result there can be a build up of toxins in the kidney and liver.

In the event of a problem during a procedure, the vet surgeon may need to administer emergency medication or antibiotics to alleviate the issue and ensure that your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible.

What are the benefits of post-operative medication?

Medication after a surgical procedure ensures your pet as comfortable and pain- free as possible. Undergoing a surgical procedure is hard on the body whether you’re a dog, cat or a human. Postoperative medication ensures that there are no immediate issues after the surgery, and can ease your pets body into a smoother more comfortable recovery.

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