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Our approach Senior Cats

Sydney Animal Hospital's approach to pet care in senior cats

We recommend six-monthly check-ups

Age-related conditions can be managed successfully with early diagnosis. A year in your senior cat’s life is five years in the life of a senior citizen, so we schedule six-monthly wellness checks to give your senior cat the best possible care.

Our aim is to identify any existing conditions and establish a baseline for your cat’s health, acting as a reference point for any future changes.

An initial consultation includes:

  • body condition score and weight check
  • heart and general cardiovascular check-up
  • musculoskeletal/arthritis check
  • dental health check
  • ophthalmology assessment
  • examination of skin and ears
  • assessment of lymph nodes
  • assessment of lumps and bumps
  • assessment of core body temperature
  • blood and urine screen (complete blood count, biochemistry including kidney and liver indicators, thyroid levels and urinalysis)
  • blood pressure check
  • complimentary all day stay (if required)

Tailored treatment plan for your cat

We also provide a personalised plan to ensure you’re in the best position to help your pet maintain optimum health. Our team will address any problems identified and consult with you on:

  • a lifestyle plan tailored to your senior cat
  • dental staging and recommended treatment
  • dietary recommendations
  • a schedule for any further tests or treatment.

Veterinarians at Sydney Animal Hospitals love cats. We know how much your cat means to you, and we’re happy to develop a lifestyle plan that ensures your pet remains healthy and pain-free

Contact a Sydney Animal Hospitals near you for more information on Senior pet Wellness Plans for your pet.

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