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Going out of town? As a devoted pet owner, you are probably very concerned about leaving your pet while you are gone. Our own veterinarian, Sam Haynes will give your pet quality care—and more importantly, give you peace of mind. At Sydney Animal Hospitals, not only do we care for your pet, we love ‘em up, bestowing plenty of TLC so that they will indeed feel the warmth and comfort of home.

If you’re not sure about using an animal boarding facility, here are some advantages to using a kennel such as ours when you need to leave your pet.

  1. We provide a warm and welcoming environment where they will feel comforted and relaxed

  2. We lavish them with attention

  3. We are trained experts who know how to properly handle behavior issues and detect and prevent escape artists from untoward journeys

  4. We have a staff that is trained to recognize and handle any health related problems.

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Welcome to the Ritz

When looking for a quality kennel, how do you find that very special “home away from home”? First, get a recommendation. Also, seek the wisdom of your veterinarian, trainer or even the local pet store. We are proud to say that our kennel meets and exceeds all state guidelines and requirements.

Erskineville Pet Boarding Kennel

After the kennel has met the preliminary checks, it’s best to make a visit. Here’s a list of what you should look for:

  • Is it immaculate?

  • What do you think of the staff? Do they seem focused on the animals?

  • What are the vaccination requirements? Re all pets up-to-date? Is the kennel cough vaccine required? We require our clients to all have the kennel cough vaccine and to be up-to-date on all other vaccinations and require that owners provide us with their pets’ records.

  • Do the dogs have adequate facilities? Is bedding provided that is off the concrete floor?

  • Does the staff conduct exercise sessions where all the dogs can play together in a clean and safe yard?

  • What are the animals fed? Are you allowed to bring your own food?

  • Are the cats housed in cages with plenty of room to roam about? Are their cages a good distance away from the dogs?

  • Are there grooming services? Veterinary services onsite or close by?

You’ll find that Sydney Animal Hospitals provides your beloved pet with these and more features that demonstrate nothing but the highest quality care. Ask about out pet boarding options today. We are happy to take care of your pet while you are away!

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Call Us Today for Help

☏ (02) 9519 4111

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