Newport Dog Wash Machine

Is your dog looking a little scruffy, and perhaps not smelling as wonderful as they could?

Our Sydney Animal Hospitals Northern Beaches at Newport clinic has recently acquired a new DIY Dog Wash to allow you to drop by and have your dog looking and smelling great in no time.

Our new DIY Dog Wash is the fast and cost effective way to keep your dog clean this summer.

Our comprehensive dog wash station cleans your pet in six stages:

  • Shampoo clean and rinse - Dispenses cleansing shampoo to allow you to thoroughly lather and then rinse your four legged friend
  • Condition Rinse - Finish of your pets comprehensive clean with some nice smelling conditioner to make their coats really shine
  • Flea and Tick Rinse - Need to treat your dog but don't have the facilities at home? Our DIY Dog Wash can help make flea treatment easy.
  • Blow dry - We don't want your dog jumping back into the car soaking wet, so our dog wash machine comes fully equipped with a blow dryer to allow you to try off your pet.
  • Disinfect tub rinse - Worried about the hygiene of the tub? After every wash our DIY Dog Wash rinses itself with a disinfectant to stop the potential spread of any skin or flea irritations.

Contact our Newport clinic for further details, or simply drop by and try our DIY Dog Wash out for yourself.

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