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Get Ready for SummerIncludes;

- FREE Summer Health Check ‘skin, weight, teeth & ears’ performed by our vet nurse.

- $10 off @Hills TM Prescription Diet TM Metabolic cat or dog products.

- 25% off Seresto Flea & Tick Collars.

- Free sample gift (While stock lasts)

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*Valid 1st Nov till 31st December 2017

*Hills $10 off offer, excludes Metabolic Treats.

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The arrival of warmer weather also signalsthe arrival of external parasites that can cause serious illness to our pets.

Paralysis ticks are a major problem inSydney and along the entire eastern coast of Australia. With more and more petowners taking their fur babies on holidays with them pets can be at anincreased risk of tick poisoning especially when visiting coastal regions. Itis imperative that all pets are on some form of safe and effective flea andtick prevention. Dogs and cats will often benefit from having their coatsclipped shorter to allow ticks to be found more easily. Our professionalgroomers can discuss the best tick clip for your pet and our staff can advisethe best flea and tick protection for your pet. For more information check out our tick paralysis information here.

Check out our YouTube page for info on how to search your pet for a tick here:

Fleas are more active in the warmer monthsand can cause significant discomfort to pets. Some pets have a specific allergyto fleas and will become intensely itchy after just one flea bite. This skinirritation can lead to secondary skin infections and prolonged scratching,chewing and hair loss. During November and December our qualified vet nurseswill check your pet’s skin for evidence or fleas at no charge and recommend asafe and effective preventative plan to ensure your pet is protected. For more information on fleas and flea allergy dermatitis check out our website.

Skin Allergies

Summer is just around the corner and, justlike in humans, this is the time of the year our pets suffer the most withallergies.

Allergies in pets can manifest in a varietyof different ways however the most common symptom of allergies in pets is itchyskin – particularly under the arms, in the groin, on the neck and in theflanks. Common triggers of skin allergy in pets are fleas, environmental factorssuch as air borne pollens, moulds and dust mites, contact allergies caused bygrasses, and even some foods can cause allergies and itchy skin in pets. Inmany cases this problem is seasonal with symptoms developing at the same timeeach year (typically spring and summer).

The symptoms of allergies can be varied,but generally consist of excessive licking, chewing, biting or scratching ofthe skin, restlessness and difficulty settling, dragging belly or back alongthe ground, chewing and sucking of the feet, head shaking, ear scratching andrecurrent ear infections, hair loss, sores and darkened or red patches of skin,and excessive ‘doggy’ body odour usually caused by secondary fungal infections.

Food reactions account for up to 15–46% and10–23% of inflammatory skin lesions in dogs and cats respectively. The mostcommon ingredients that cause this problem in dogs are beef, milk, lamb, wheat,corn, egg, soy and chicken in dogs, and adding tuna and salmon to the list forcats. In cases of food allergy the itchy skin can often be accompanied by anupset tummy and persistent soft stool and diarrhoea. The treatment of foodallergy is very different to the treatment of environmental allergies and it isvery important to seek advice from a vet who can properly distinguish the causeand then appropriately treatment your pet’s itchy skin. There are newmedications available that are much safer for long term treatment of itchy skinin pets and special diets that can effectively diagnose and treat food allergywhilst maintaining balanced nutrition.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s skin or ears drop into one of our hospitals for a free skin, ear, teeth and weight check by one of our of our qualified staff during the months of November and December. For more information on skin allergies in pets, visit our website.

Weight and Body Condition Scoring

The warmer weather usually means pets andowners are spending more time outdoors being active. It’s important that ourpets are in the optimal body condition to prevent undue stress on bones andjoints during increased levels of activity.

During November and December our qualifiednurses are also offering a free weight check for your pet to ensure they are anoptimal body weight. We are also offering discounts on weight loss diets duringNovember and December to help get your pet in shape ready for summer.

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