General veterinary services

At Sydney Animal hospitals, we believe that healthier pets are happier pets.

We understand that sometimes caring for your pet can be stressful, especially when they are sick or hurt, which is why we offer a full range of general veterinary services as well as specialised and surgical procedures to ensure that we can offer you all the support you need to keep you and your pet happy and healthy.

We Recommend Regular Health Check-Ups

When it comes to your pets health we believe that prevention is always better than a cure. Our pets can't tell us whats wrong, and they often go to great lengths to hide an illness or injury because in the wild, an injury might mean being left behind. This means that without an assessment from a trained Vet or Vet Nurse, we won't know there's a problem until it becomes a more serious issue.

Scheduling regular checkups with your local Vet means that you can:

  • Catch health problems before they become more serious.
  • Uncover any underlying disorders that might be affecting your pets quality of life.
  • Avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort for your pet.
  • Ensure that your pet stays happier and healthier for longer.

Our general services

The pet care benefits to you and your pet

Routine consultations

With any consultation listening to your concerns is an important step to ensuring that your pet gets the best pet care possible because you are the one who knows your pet the best. We recommend annual pet health services.


Vaccinations are one of the most important ways to keep your dog or cat healthy and happy. It reduces the risk of your pet contracting serious and costly diseases. For more information see cat vaccinations or dog vaccinations.


Increase the chance your pet is returned to you if it becomes lost and loses its collar or tags.

Heartworm, flea and worm prevention

Parasite control in your dog or cat is very important. We can tailor a program that meets your pet’s unique lifestyle. See more about Heartworm prevention in dogs.

Nutrition advice

Keeping fit is vital to your pet’s health. Pets have different needs when it comes to exercise so let us help you determine the right diet. See more about pet nutrition.

Dog and cat boarding

Our hospital provides pet boarding accommodation for your pets with dog runs and special cat condos. Drop in for a tour.

Pet grooming

Dog and cat clipping and dog wash facilities are available as part of our pet grooming services at each of our hospitals.

Full in-house laboratory

Being able to diagnose what’s wrong at the time of consultation reduces stress for you and your pet and gets the answers you need to make the right decision.

Digital radiography and ultrasound

Diagnosing what’s wrong sometimes involves radiography or an ultrasound. A faster diagnosis reduces the stress on your pet and gives you greater peace of mind.

Dental treatment and surgery

Bad breath is one of the first signs of dental disease in pets. Our pet dental care treatment plans can include dental cleaning under anaesthesia, antibiotics and removal of severely damaged teeth.


Our surgical team uses the same safety measures as in human hospitals, this includes pre-anesthetic exams and diagnostics to ensure your pet is healthy enough for routine, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Our Locations

Office Hours

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