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Dog Patella Luxation Surgery

Repairing Patella Luxation

Sydney Animal Hospitals has many years of experience in orthopaedic surgery. We maintain advanced techniques and use the most up to date equipment and technologies.

Pre-operative assessment

Under a general anaesthetic, our patients have radiographs (x-rays) taken of both knees and hips to assess and evaluate the grade of luxation and condition of the knee. We then commence our pre-surgical planning to determine where the osteotomy will be made and how much translocation will be necessary (shown below).

Pre Operative X Rays

Deepening the trochlear groove

A key surgical step is to deepen the trochlear groove. The most common technique allows for the deepened groove to have the original cartilage replaced enabling the patella to retain normal hyaline cartilage function.

Realigning the patella

An osteotomy (small cut in the bone of the tibial crest) allows the alignment to be corrected. Pins are used to secure the bone in place. The result is to improve alignment of the quadriceps muscles, the patella, patella ligament and its insertion point at the tibial crest. Proper alignment is the most import correction surgically.

Joint capsule imbrication

The joint capsule will be stretched and requires an imbrication procedure to stabilise the lateral soft tissue layers of the joint. This is completed, and the wound closed routinely. Permanent stabilisation should now be achieved.

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