Dog Grooming

Our Professional Dog Grooming Services

At Sydney Animal Hospitals, we understand that part of providing the highest standards of care for our pets, is offering a professional and high quality dog grooming service, as there are many underlying conditions that can be picked up on during one of our grooming sessions.

Regular dog grooming is a great way to stay on top of our pets health, however dog grooming can be a fairly difficult task to undertake at home as different methods for effectively grooming your dog vary from breed to breed.

Our Dog Grooming Prices.

Our Full Clip service encorporates:

  • Full body clip
  • Warm bath and wash (medicated shampoos available)
  • Blow dry
  • Ear clean
  • Nail clip
  • Check for any unusual skin conditions or odours

Full Clip Pricing

Starting from $84.50

0-10 kg

Starting from $101.50

11-20 kg

Starting from $110.50


Starting from $129.50


Starting from $186.00


Stripping out (removing dead hair from your dogs coat) is available upon request and will be quoted by the pet groomer.

Bathing Pricing

Starting from $39.50

0-10 kg

Starting from $41.50

11-25 kg

Starting from $47.00


Starting from $49.00

* Prices are subject to changes  *Above bathing prices are for short hair dogs

A Tidy Up Clip is also available. Enquire at your nearest Sydney Animal Hospital.

Why should I book a professional grooming service for my pet?

At Sydney Animal Hospitals your pet is safe

With our professional dog grooming service, you have the peace of mind knowing that your much loved canine companion is in the care of an experienced pet groomer with all the facilities to make sure your pet is safe and well cared for.

Our groomers are trained professionals

At Sydney Animal Hospitals our professional dog groomers are not only trained to provide the highest quality grooming service, but they are also trained to spot signs of any skin conditions or irritations your dog may be experiencing. Our comprehensive dog grooming sessions involve an all over body check of your pet including their skin, ears and mouth.

Before one of our grooming sessions

Neat and tidy post groom.

Regular grooming can catch underlying conditions early

Studies show that three of the most common reasons dogs need to see a veterinarian are:

1. Ear infections
2. Skin allergies & pyoderma (hot spots) 
3. Dental disease

By booking your dog in to Sydney Animal Hospitals professional dog grooming service, during our check-over of your pet we can pick up any problems early to help keep your best friend happy and healthy.

Our professional groomers will have your pet looking great and help detect any health issues early

We all want our pets to be happy, healthy and look their best. Our professional pet groomers are adept at picking up skin, ear and mouth problems early, and if they discover anything untoward, they will alert you to seek advice from one of our friendly veterinary team.

When admitting your pet for grooming, our team of professional pet groomers will discuss with you the type of groom you want for your pet - whether it's a regular trim, or full body clip, we'll help to get your pet looking their absolute best.

Call your local Sydney Animal Hospitals now to book your pet grooming;
SAH - Newtown Ph (02) 9519-4111
SAH - Inner West Ph (02) 9516-1466
SAH - Norwest Ph (02) 8883-0411
SAH - Kellyville Ph (02) 8883-0533
SAH - Newport Ph (02) 9997-4609
SAH - Avalon Ph (02) 9918-0833 

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