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Keeping your cat out of fights

30/09/2014 by: Dr Anne Fawcett

While cat fights are fairly common, its a good idea to try and keep your cat out of trouble, as even a relatively mild injury can become infected and form an abscess. If your cat has been in a fight and has clear marks of animal bites, ensure you...

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Guinea pigs visit to the Vet

30/09/2014 by: Dr Anne Fawcett

The guinea pig boar above, Willis, bought his friend Julio along for company. When you bring "pocket pets" into the vet, it's always a good idea to bring along a friend to help keep them company. Pocket pets such as g uinea pigs and rabbits are...

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Periodontal disease in our pets

29/08/2014 by: Dr Anne Fawcett

Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 2 have periodontal disease? Regular tooth scaling helps maintain oral health as a build up of bacteria, saliva and bits of food on the teeth can form plaque, which if left for long enough...

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Cleo the chihuahua

28/08/2014 by: Dr Anne Fawcett

A couple of years ago we operated on Cleo,  a tiny nine-week-old chihuahua, who was brought into our Inner West vet hospital in Sydney with a severe limp in her right foreleg. Upon a closer examination we discovered that Cleo had swelling from the...

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Goliath the Oversized Puppy

21/03/2014 by: Dr Anne Fawcett

  Holle was a 2.5 kg dog that was brought into Sydney Animal Hospitals experiencing trouble giving birth. She was taken in for x-rays and the it turned out that the reason she was having such trouble was that her puppy weighed 110g, far too large...

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